The Creator

Frances Forsyth

Founder, Program Creator, Director Boogie Effect UK & CEO

Master Trainer, Dance Fitness & Education Specialist, Program Director UK

Frances worked for ten years within Local Authority Community Dance in Glasgow.  This provided her with the opportunity to work in collaborative projects with organisations such as Scottish Ballet and Scottish Youth Dance. Frances is also a qualified Primary School Teacher.  Having worked in Education for ten years, Frances is passionate about sharing the love and power of dance to the younger generation. 

In 2006 Frances then turned her expertise to the Fitness Industry.  Frances is a qualified Fitness Professional and Posture & Movement specialist.   She is also a Level 3 Assessor.


My Story

“I created BOOGIE EFFECT after having my three children and struggled desperately to fit back into my normal clothes.  Many of us have been there!  Having danced all my life, this was the way I knew how to stay fit.   But there are so many other health benefits that dance has to offer.

BOOGIE EFFECT began it’s journey in rural Dumfries and Galloway as a group of mums getting together once a week to exercise.  It soon turned into packed classes of eager groovers dancing their way to fitness.  BOOGIE EFFECT was born!

Since 2010 I have spent my time studying and developing my knowledge.  I have collaborated and refined the program to make it one of the BEST dance fitness programs on the market.  Dance has so much POWER.  I wanted to share that POWER with ordinary women. My passion is to prove that dance can transform our bodies and minds without the need to be a ‘dancer’.  We can ALL enjoy the fun, uplifting and strengthening EFFECTS of BOOGIE

Our aim at BOOGIE EFFECT is to deliver a program that meets the needs of our clients 100%.  We want to provide you with a fun and rewarding experience to meet your fitness goals.”