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BOOGIE EFFECT are looking for committed, passionate and experienced dance/fitness professionals with strong dance technique/knowledge to join our team of BOOGIE Pros across the UK and Australia.

We offer you TWO Training Options in our UK programme: One Day Intensives and One to One bespoke training and mentoring.

Meanwhile, our Australia Training Programme offers an individualised training & mentoring plan.  You can CONTACT BOOGIE EFFECT Australia to find out more or follow the link at the bottom of this page.

I have worked with and trained elite dancers all my career but working with ordinary women through BOOGIE EFFECT is just amazing.  I see their awareness growing and their bodies changing every time they come to class.  This is a workout where EVERYONE can experience the POWER of DANCE and I LOVE it!



We don’t have any One Day Intensive Trainings available at the moment but if your are interested in our Bespoke Training option then click the BOOK NOW button below and follow the instructions for Bespoke Training.  W’d love to have you join our team!

N.B Please ensure you have the required pre-requisites before proceeding.  If unsure, please contact us using our contact form.





You will receive:

  • Our training manual in PDF form via email to get to grips with the BOOGIE EFFECT philosophy & formula.
  • Choreography video to be learned and prepared for the practical element of the training program.
  • Full timetable and breakdown for the One Day Intensive.

It is important you also revise Anatomy & Physiology knowledge before the ONE DAY INTENSIVE.




During the 6 hour ONE DAY INTENSIVE Practical Training you will:

  • Start the day with a BOOGIE EFFECT Masterclass from Founder & Creator, Frances Forsyth.
  • Explore further the BOOGIE EFFECT philosophy, formula and practicalities of running your own classes.
  • Take part in a practical workshop, exploring modifications & progressions, allowing you to make your classes accessible to ALL.
  • Get to grips with Licensing and Legalities.
  • Complete the ‘Practical Observed & Theory Assessment’.  These assessments are informal and relaxed.  An overall pass across the assessments is required to recieve FULL certiication.




Following the ONE DAY INTENSIVE training  you may be required to submit video evidence of your teaching.  This may be because we require further evidence that you meet the required standards set out in the practical assessment critieria.

Video evidence should:

  • Include either a Warm Up or Cool Down.
  • Include one BOOGIE Interval Track.
  • Include one Conditioning Technique Track..
  • be approximately 15 minutes long.
  • be completed either with a group of existing clients or a smaller group of volunteers.

Full BOOGIE Pro Certification will be issued following an OVERALL PASS within assessment elements.






  • BOOGIE PRO INSTRUCTOR TRAINING £150 Which includes your Full Day Intensive, Pro Manual and your first 6 months Pro License (including full access to the BOOGIE Pro Academy). .
    • Annual License – £120 (equivalent £10 p.m)
    • 6 Month License – £75 (equivalent £12.50 p.m or £150 p.a)
    • Monthly License – £15 (equivalent £180 p.a) monthly direct debit.

Annual and 6 Month Licence Renewal options require BOOGIE Pros to either renew or opt out of the programme at the END of that period.  No refund can be made when opting out of the programme before the end of the Annual or 6-month Licence period.  This does not affect your statutory right to cancel your licence within 30 days of renewal.  Monthly Renewal can be cancelled at any time with one full month notice.  All payments are made at the BEGINNING of the renewal period.






Why Become a BOOGIE Pro?

The BOOGIE Pro Training program & license provides you with a great package.  This allows you to feel confident, knowledgeable and ready to hit the dance floor!

You will receive:

  • Your BOOGIE EFFECT Instructor Training BOOGIE Pro Manual including the Pre Training PDF and ONE DAY INTENSIVE hard copy.
  • BOOGIE Pro Ring Binder to store your Training Manual and all those Choreo notes.
  • Quarterly choreography updates or ‘BOOGIE RELEASES’.
  • License to use the BOOGIE EFFECT Trade marked logo.
  • Exclusive access to the BOOGIE Pro Academy on the BOOGIE EFFECT website, including BONUS CHOREO, marketing material, instructor support and team networking.
  • Opportunity to promote classes via the CLASS/INSTRUCTOR listings area.
  • CPD professional development via ‘STEP UP‘ events, including Masterclasses, jam sessions and Knowledge deposits from guest speakers.
  • Opportunity to earn extra through Choreography submissions included in future BOOGIE RELEASES.


What's expected of me?


BOOGIE EFFECT are committed to providing only the most knowledgeable and qualified instructors to teach our program.  As a potential BOOGIE Pro, you must have the following:

  • Dance qualification/certification from recognised awarding organisation – HNC, HND, Degree, RAD, SDTA etc.
  • OR
  • Fitness qualification – Level 2 Exercise to Music (ETM) or Group Fitness with Dance Training & Knowledge.
  • OR
  • You are a dancer/performer with a Theatre or Stage School training and have a minimum of 2 years experience working in your profession and/or teaching dance.
  • AND
  • Studied Anatomy & Physiology as part of your training or to minimum Level 2 CYQ/SQA, Standard Grade/National 5 (Scottish), GCSE (English) Biology.
  • STRONG technical dance knowledge and practical skill is ESSENTIAL.

**If you do not hold any of the above qualifications but would like to become part of our team, don’t panic!  We can have an informal chat about your training, skill level, experience and knowledge to see if it meets the standard required.  However, you must be able to acquire the appropriate Insurance certification and cover.

***You may take part in our Training Program if you are pregnant but you will be required to provide a letter of approval from your GP stating you are fit and well to take part.



What's involved?


Allow BOOGIE EFFECT to come to you!  Our Bespoke Training & Mentoring Programme means you can get a personnal, indepth, one to one training with our programme creator. Importanlty, our follow up mentoring makes sure you feel truly ready to deliver this programme to your clients.

Advantages of BESPOKE training:

  • One to one, personal training (or small groups).
  • At a venue, date & time that is convenient for you.
  • FREE Masterclass delivered at your studio/school/college by our Founder & Creator Frances Forsyth.
  • Follow up mentoring to make sure you feel completely confident in delivering the programme.

All the course Pre Training, Whats In it for Me and Training Pre Requisites remain the same.  The training process, post training and costs & license fees do differ slightly with this training programme.

So what’s involved:

  • Attend a MASTERCLASS
  • Course Pre Reading
  • One to One (small group) Theory Content Meetings & Theory Assessment
  • Video Assessment submission.
  • Follow Up Mentoring meetings
  • Certification, your a BOOGIE Pro!
  • License renewal after 6 months

We give you as many training meetings and follow up support sessions as you need to get you ready to #sharetheboogielove.





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