BOOGIE EFFECT are redefining Dance Fitness!

We are on a mission to prove there is more to dance fitness than jumping, shaking and wiggling around the room to pumping tunes.  We are a unique dance based fitness program that brings you the TRUE POWER of DANCE in an easy to follow and accessible workout.  BOOGIE EFFECT fuses the heart pumping fun of BOOGIE with the strength & conditioning EFFECTS of dance technique to create long, lean, healthy bodies that aren’t just the privilege of the Pros.

With low and high impact options, BOOGIE EFFECT is an inclusive program, accessible to all levels of fitness and experience.  Our experienced BOOGIE Pros provide modifications and progressions in every class to make sure you are working and being challenged at a level suitable for you.

So, whether you are a seasoned fitness pro or just starting out on your fitness journey, the fun and funky routines and strong technique will have your heart pumping and your body grooving to fitness in no time!

“I would advise everyone to go to these classes… I am now ADDICTED!”


“It really works all the muscles of the body inside & out, even those I didn’t even know I had.  Sooo happy my friend introduced me to the BOOGIE love!”




Class begins with a postural ‘CHECK IN’ and warm up, where we bring awareness to our bodies and alignment, consciously switching on the muscles, forgetting the stresses and strains of our day and preparing the body to BOOGIE!

Then come the awesome BOOGIE intervals!  Heart pumping, fun and easy to follow dance cardio tracks designed to get the heart rate up into your peak fat burn zone, leaving your inhibitions behind and working up a sweat.  BOOGIE intervals allow you to recover between tracks before getting your groove right back on it, improving cardio vascualr fitness, stamina and calorie burn.


Our BOOGIE interval cardio section finishes with our ALMIGHTY POWER BOOSTER!  This HIGH INTENSITY interval track is designed to take you one step closer to absolute maximum effort.  The one we LOVE to HATE, it takes us way beyond our comfort zone using principles of HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING or HIIT, working in cycles of peak and recovery for 4 minutes.  The beauty of this track is it sends the metabolism into over drive creating that wonderful AFTER BURN effect, meaning you continue to burn calories LONG after you have hung up your BOOGIE shoes.

Don’t panic, if HIIT isn’t your thing, our experienced BOOGIE Pros will provide you with options that suit you yet continue to challenge.


Moving onto our low impact conditioning section, this is what makes BOOGIE EFFECT unique.  We use the technical training of professional dancers as our inspiration to tone & strengthen the whole body.  We move away from the big power muscles of the body and bring the focus inward, strengthening the whole body from the inside out.  With a strong focus on core strength and stability, we use basic dance technique exercises (e.g. plie, port de bras, arabesque) to strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of the body, leaving it longer, leaner, stronger and balanced.  You will awaken muscles you didn’t even know existed!

Adding wrist or hand weights are optional to increase the challenge level.


The POWER of DANCE goes way beyond the physical.  At BOOGIE EFFECT we promote the powerful effects dance has on, not only our brain power but also our Mental Health.  Dance has the ability to build and strengthen neuro-pathways in the brain like no other form of exercise.

We celebrate the mood lifting, stress busting, brain boosting powers of dance.  At BOOGIE EFFECT we believe we not only BOOGIE to LOOK good, we BOOGIE to FEEL good too!

BOOGIE EFFECT brings together all the fun of BOOGIE with all the EFFECTS and benefits of dance based training into one FUN and EFFECTIVE workout.  Release your inner disco diva and groove yourself to a fitter, healthier you with the easy to follow BOOGIE moves and pop-tastic tunes that make BOOGIE EFFECT so addictive

Walk TALLER, look STRONGER, get FITTER and feel HAPPIER!

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“I could not imagine life without BOOGIE EFFECT.  It not only keeps me physically fit but also mentally fit… LOVE IT!”


“I cannot put into words what BOOGIE EFFECT has done for me.  It has been life changing for me and my daily battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis!”


LOVE LOVE LOVE BOOGIE EFFECT!  A highly addictive series of classes cleverly devised.  It has given me a newfound love of exercise.”